Marriage Coaching Workshop


Every marriage is a journey of life in itself. It is not an easy undertaking by any means, but so worthwhile and necessary. Pope Benedict XVI said,  “Matrimony is a gospel in itself, a Good News for the world of today, To forget the truth of marriage is to forget the truth of the human person and the very truth of God Himself. To rediscover marriage, on the other hand, and to faithfully live it out, hold a key to advancing the New Evangelization and the renewal of our culture.” Not only is the transformation we experience in marriage for our own good but the church and civilization itself depends on it.

In my own marriage of 29 years, Jeff and I together have experienced the loneliness of fear and deep disillusionment in our relationship, as well as, the astounding joy of heights that never seemed possible. However, without the lows it is impossible to experience the highs and realize that it is all worth it. We have been blessed with grace that has transformed our faith and our relationship. That is why we have devoted our lives to Life Coaching, so that we may share this with others.

This parish initiative is an ongoing developmental enrichment for married couples seeking to grow and thrive in their sacrament. These small groups (no more than 4 couples) will meet monthly and pertinent topics will be chosen according to the strength and growth areas that each couple wants to build on. I am very excited to work with other couples who are willing to invest time and effort to nourish their relationship.