Christian Marriage and Relationship Coaching   

     As a Christian Marriage/Relationship Coach, I partner with couples who desire to strengthen their relationship and learn to love one another with greater intimacy, joy and faith. We do this by putting structures in place which support their vision and God’s plan for their future. Unlike therapy or counseling which is a doctor/patient relationship and diagnoses a problem, coaching begins with the premise that both individuals are a whole and healthy couple that wants to grow and thrive together. I believe strongly in the institution of marriage and have made it my life mission to help couples prepare and live out their commitment to one another. Many couples do better when they have support, a call to action, and someone to hold them accountable. Also, gaining an understanding of God’s plan and how He plays an important role in our relationship is a source of great grace and empowerment, if they are open to it.

For Catholic’s:

     My specialty is as a Catholic Life and Marriage Coach, with over 17 years of experience in presenting and facilitating Catholic marriage enrichment and preparation programs throughout the Archdiocese of New York along with my husband of 29 years.  In addition, I am a Catholic Marriage and Family Advocate. I am passionate about helping families grow and thrive in their Catholic faith so that they may experience God’s transformative grace in their sacrament and in their lives. As a part of this advocacy, I teach Theology of the Body for Teens as a Catechist and Speaker. Please email or call 845-642-4876 for a free phone trial session.


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